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Subnet: Parkour Introduction

Sun 2 February 2014 16:31

This week has been Parkour development week for Subnet. If you've watched the POC introduction video, then you'll have seen a bit of the parkour in action, though many of the animations needed work, and the parkour system had its fair share of bugs.

So, I've been systematically removing all the little annoyances, and I've got the parkour to a point that I can almost call "adequate". I've improved most of the procedural animations, recorded and added wall running noises (footsteps and various player "grunts"), re-wrote the wall running code entirely, so it now feels much smoother and actually adds to the gameplay, played around with some post-processing effects (though they aren't present in this video I'm afraid), fixed some bugs, and tweaked the living shit out of the parkour code in general.

There's still a way to go before I'm happy with how everything sits together, but it's definitely starting to feel fun to play.

I've also been toying with the idea of an adrenaline mode feature, where performing parkour movements gains you adrenaline points. Those points are drained if you remain in parkour mode without performing any parkour tricks - meaning the player is encouraged to perform tricks in order to evade enemies, and shouldn't spend too much time standing around making decisions as to what trick to perform and where. Would make for some interesting gameplay - and increase the game's base difficulty in general.

The trick, is getting the balance right. *bum tish. I'll get me coat.

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