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Subnet: More Parkour Tweaks

Mon 10 February 2014 11:02

Whilst the video I posted last week made the parkour in Subnet look decent, there were still a number of glitches, bugs and tweaks that needed addressing - spending hours play testing affords me the luxury of knowing how to avoid them, but that doesn't mean they could be ignored. So, I've spent a lot of time this week ironing them out, and further improving the general fluidity of the movements and transitions between them. I'm not quite ready to put another video together, but I should be at some point this week.

In addition, Alex has been getting on with our first external environmental concept art piece. Things are coming along nicely, we've exchanged a few sketches and had a few ideas between us in regards to the separation of the city and suburb sections of the game world. Hopefully we'll have something to post here soon.

Eric has been busy finishing off Byron, the game's protagonist. He's done the two versions of the full model, and rigged some arms and legs together for the first person view. They're not quite ready to reveal yet, though, as we need to spend a bit more time texturing and tweaking them, then there's the animation, but I'll get them up on the blog ASAP.

Eric has also been modelling a few props that will eventually be inserted into various scenes in the game. As you may have read on the projects page, Subnet is set in England, and as such we're trying to capture an English vibe in the concepts. What better way is there to do that than by including famous British iconography?

British Phone Box

British Post Box

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