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Subnet: Level Geometry, Animations, and MMOBuff

Fri 27 June 2014 13:47

I'm afraid there's not much to report at the moment. We're currently focussing on replacing some of the place holder assets in Subnet with first-pass props and environments, and working out work flow across the team and time zones! I've also finished off the basic geometry block out for the entire office level - this is where the real level design starts, with the placement of props and application of all the scripts I've written over the past year.

Test Title
Basic geometry of the demo level

In addition to development, I also continue to be active in the game dev community - I went to Game Dev North again a few weeks ago, and also nipped over to the Manchester Unity User Group in May. More recently (yesterday, in fact), I was a guest on MMOBuff's - The DataMine, doing a presentation / Q&A session on the parkour I've implemented in Subnet. You can watch it below:

In addition, Josey has asked me if I would help co-host the show in the future, which is an honour to say the least! So you may see more of me on there in the coming weeks and months, over-talking as per usual :)

We are also currently working on getting first person arms and animations into the game - again, we're working towards a first pass, just so we have something to work with in the future. The first thing we're looking at are some basic idle animations, after which we'll start to look at IK and animating ledge grabs, wall runs etc. Lots of learning, and lots of fun to be had!

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