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Subnet: Hacking Progress

Fri 6 June 2014 13:05

First of all, thanks to everyone for getting us to no. 23 in the IndieDB charts a few days back - that kind of thing really boosts the team and gives us even more reason to produce the best game we're capable of.

In the below video I take you through the latest improvements to the hacking user interface, and introduce two new members of the Subnet team; Ryan Ike - Music Composer and Sound Designer (known for indie games Gunpoint, Shadow Lab and Interference), and Burton Jarrett - 3D and Character Modeller who will be helping out with all things 3D. These new additions bring us closer to a full team, which means we should be able to show more regular progress updates.

Although there's still a lot of work to do in the hacking interface, and various bugs need fixing, I will next be focussing on getting some of the assets that the art team have been producing into the game - hopefully the next update will show something a little prettier!

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