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Subnet: Adrenaline Mode and Mantling

Fri 14 February 2014 18:40

Since the last update I've done a few more tweaks to the parkour, and fixed a few more bugs - moving now feels quite fluid, though there's still a lot of polishing to do, especially surrounding the sound design and player feedback. I've also refined most of the movements that I didn't show you too much of last time, such as mantling (vaulting), power sliding, and ledge grabbing into smaller spaces (vents, low ceilings etc).

The video below covers all of the above, plus the new adrenaline mode that I've implemented. Adrenaline is depleted whilst the player is in parkour mode, and is gained by performing parour tricks. It's a simple points based system that requires a little bit of balancing, but it's been designed to encourage players to use parkour mode sparingly - rather, only use parkour mode when it's absolutely necessary. As you can see in the video, if you get a good flow going, you can stay in parkour mode indefinitely, but messing up (i.e. letting your adrenaline completely deplete) will turn off parkour mode and stop you from entering it again for a few seconds afterwards. Anyway, here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

Eric has also put a few more prop prototypes together - all of these are subject to change, but we're slowly making progress towards our first scene:

Security Camera - we will eventually have multiple designs for each network device in the game. It's likely this design will change as we come up with more concept art.

Street light

Fancy street light!

Fancy street light with security camera attached.

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