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About The Ninjas

Nineteen Stone Ninjas is an independent game development studio based in England. Established in 2013 as the result of a life-long love for both video games and programming, our aim is to simply enjoy designing and developing games of all shapes and sizes. If, in the process, we happen to create something that you enjoy too, then we will be very happy developers!

Chris Sebok

Project Lead - Game Designer, Programmer, Story Writer, Level Designer, Sound Designer, Workaholic

Chris has worked as a commercial software developer and architect for over 16 years, designing and developing across a wide range of industries and business sectors. As the studio's project lead, he is responsible for the overall design and development of our projects, although he's a coder at heart. He also currently manages the business side of things, and is the (hairy) public face of the studio, managing this website and our Twitter account.

Chris has been a gamer since he can remember, and has even played FPS games such as Quake 2 and Tribes in a semi-professional capacity, having run a successful gaming clan throughout the 90's and 00's, with which he entered and gained success in a number of different leagues and competitions.

Chris also has extensive experience in sound recording, editing, mixing and production, having been both a band member and the owner of a commercial recording studio for over 7 years.

Alex Thomas Alex's Twitter Account

Freelance Concept Artist

Alex is a UK based concept artist with a BA Hons in Illustration. He works across the film and games industry in a freelance capacity, with a particular interest in character and environment design - developing ideas in a constructive pipeline to achieve final concepts. Alex may not have tons of industry experience, but what he lacks in that area he more than makes up for in his enthusiasm and professionalism.

Eric Bickle Jr

Freelance 3D Artist

Eric is a 3D Artist and Game Designer who has been creating and developing games for over 7 years. Whilst in his freshmen year of high school, he helped start up Diamond Bullet Studios taking the role of lead 3D artist, where he helped to create a range of games from first person shooters to robot simulations; many of which have been published to the Xbox 360 Indie Marketplace.

Eric worked with Diamond Bullet Studios while partnered with FIRST robotics to provide the Catalyst series robotic simulators. Catalyst was played by thousands of students across the USA who wished to learn and practice robotics.

Eric is in the process of attaining degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and mostly helps out with the prop modelling for our games.

Ryan Ike Ryan's Twitter Account

Freelance Composer / Sound Design

Ryan is a BAFTA nominated composer, having worked on stealth based indie games such as Gunpoint, Interference and Shadow Lab. He is responsible for the overall sound design and soundtrack composition for Subnet, and works closely with Chris to make Subnet's world is aurally rich and realistic.

Special Thanks

Lewis Lane Lew's Twitter Account

Lewis is an award winning 2D artist, who has considerable skill in a wide range of 2D graphics, as well as indie games development. He is currently working on Archaos, a remake of the 1985 Spectrum game Chaos: The battle of the Wizards.

Ray Shum

Ray is a 3D environment artist who has worked with a few AAA studios over the course of his career. He helped out with the initial 3D environment art in Subnet, helped to streamline the asset workflow / pipeline, and gives us invaluable advice as to how to approach numerous tasks.

Samira Pritchard

Samira is a 2D concept artist who has helped us with some branding and concept art for the game.

Burton Jarrett

Burton is a 3D Artist who has helped us with numerous aspects of the 3D art pipeline over the past few years, and has provided a number of models and textures for use in the Subnet demo.